School visits to selected schools in Depok

Teachers’ lounge seems crowded as all teachers were in one room due to room shortage at the school
The sport court at SMPN 21, Depok belongs to SMPN 17, occupied together because SMPN 21 does not have the permanent building yet
Dr. Heru Susetyo from Universitas Indonesia (in plaid shirt) and Dr. Nurjannah met the school team at SMPN 21
Group picture of the school team at SMPN 21, Depok with the research team
Dr. Nurjannah, postdoc from DIGNITY (in blue scarf) met the principal of SMPN 23, Depok Hikmah Binoardi, M.Pd. ( in black scarf) to discuss the SCSS program
Small garden at SMPN 23 used for student learning
Group picture of school team at SMPN 23, Depok with Universitas Indonesia team and postdoc from DIGNITY
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