Conducting research at Youth Detention Center, Jakarta, August-September, 2022 by Nurjannah

The cell block where all child detainees are accommodated
The clinic at the youth detention center
The Youth Detention Center is surrounded by a fishpond, so the detainees can be trained in fish farming
Training in vegetable gardening; watering the plants
Muslim detainees study the Qur’an regularly with an Imam
Child detainees are given a chance to continue their education, and work for a high school diploma. Through the alternative pathway provided by the detention center and the provincial education office.
Dr. Nurjannah, with university students (who are doing field work at the detention centre), visiting a baking class for child detainees.
Child detainees can also learn baking, to provide them with a skill they can use after they leave the Detention Center
Afternoon activities; making music
Child detainees learning how to print on T-shirts
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